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Questions you don’t want to get

After the kerfluffle with Hawaii, I backed off eHarmony for a few weeks. But lo and behold, I thought I was out, and the eHarmony communication game pulled me back in. This new girl was the first Asian girl I … Continue reading

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Too much too soon

After I got up the nerve to start dating after my divorce, I joined a couple of online dating sites. One, eHarmony, a pay-site, had been politely worming itself inside my brain with it’s insidiously happy commercials. I had already … Continue reading

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Hi there, fair travelers

Welcome to my first real foray into internet publishing, I had a horrible misspent youth with blogger, but let’s pretend that experience never happened. And by youth I mean two years ago, and by experience, two hideous blog rants (don’t … Continue reading

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