Hi there, fair travelers

Welcome to my first real foray into internet publishing, I had a horrible misspent youth with blogger, but let’s pretend that experience never happened. And by youth I mean two years ago, and by experience, two hideous blog rants (don’t worry mum, I

I’m 28 years old, out of my first serious relationship of my life. I dated and then married a girl who I spent 5.5 years with, and now I’m single. I never really dated before, we met by happenstance, and now I’m actually going out on dates with complete strangers, and it’s interesting.

Well, interesting is one way to put it. Thankfully I have been taking copious notes about how this process has gone so far, so I don’t have to reach into the “way-back” time machine for material, but in the 4 arduous months of dating? My best female friend has told me I am a “crazy magnet.” So it was a toss up between crazy magnet and “And You Thought You Had It Bad.” I give the disclaimer that no girl has set fire to my house :pours one out for Left Eye: or slept with my brother but this is entertaining nonetheless for my friends. Or maybe they are pity laughs.

I’m trying all the online dating sites. Okcupid, eHarmony, and match. I tried plentyoffish for about a week but got a lot of spam responses.

I’ll give you the thoughts of each site and if I mention a certain girl in a story, I’ll mention how I met her.

The most important thing, is to not take this personally. I’ll make fun of myself and some of the girls I am seeing, but it doesn’t mean I am trying to hurt anyone. I also date some perfectly non-entertainingly crazy women, and they won’t make it into the blog, because they’re not going to make you laugh. I’m keeping this as anonymous as I can with regards to their names. To protect their identities, and my pocketbook.


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One Response to Hi there, fair travelers

  1. JJM says:

    Again, keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your posts.

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