You can’t always get what you want

With apologies to the Rolling Stones, and apologies to you for my long absence. I met someone special and we had something special for a while. It didn’t last so I am back in black (with apologies to AC/DC) – anyway, I’ve been noticing the Universe works in some mysterious ways.

It seems like we’re getting paired off with people who don’t appreciate us…they appreciate the outer shells and that’s where the first connection is made. But it’s like a superstar sniper who plays no defense in the NHL joining a team that plays the trap. Your strengths aren’t playing to their system. Maybe that went over the heads of some people. And Phil Kessel.

Ok, I digress. Some women want a gentleman, some women want a jerk. I’ve had friends who lamented to me on separate occasions that “he doesn’t get that I don’t want him to open the door for me” and the polar opposite “he lives in a world where being polite is a sin, would it kill him to use please and thank you and maybe a utensil?”

I’m a gentleman and pride myself on it. I open doors, chew with my mouth closed, use pleases and thank yous, etc. I also usually pay for the first few dates…the last girl I recently went on dates with didn’t seem to think much of my manners since she didn’t have many of her own. Ms. Raised By Wolves didn’t say thank you, or please, or even offer in that way I find endearing. You know when women half pull out the wallet? You know they don’t want to pay but you applaud the cuteness of the gesture. I like that.

I don’t mind women that expect me to pay, I don’t necessarily *agree* with it but I don’t mind it either, especially on the first few dates. I need to show that I can be a provider, I can be fun, etc.

But I absolutely, positively, hate women that can’t show gratitude. I don’t think she had thank you in her vocabulary, to be honest.

And that bothers me. So even though she’s beautiful, smart, educated, career-oriented…I’ve discovered another deal-breaker. Gratitude and manners.

So, the gentleman got paired with the woman with no appreciation for manners. Strength unappreciated. On to the next one. Next I’ll date a woman who doesn’t appreciate delicious Indian food…wait did that…that reminds me. Another entry on the way.

Maybe we all need to revise our dealbreakers.

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2 Responses to You can’t always get what you want

  1. Lacey says:

    Bad manners is definitely a dealbreaker in any relationship; at the very least, s/he should say “please” and “thank you”.
    You’re better off without a woman who doesn’t even have the courtesy to thank you for taking her out. What a bitch 😡

  2. Suzy says:

    I would have to agree that bad manners are a non-starter.

    I think women so rarely meet a gentleman that they don’t know what to do when they do. My ex was very much one to open all doors, pay for things, etc. and it definitely threw me off at first but I quickly grew to love it. Now I am disappointed when I meet someone who doesn’t at least open a door for me. From my perspective it’s almost worse to expect it because you get let down by a lot of men.

    There is someone out there who will appreciate it.

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