The weirdest things women have lied about

This post goes out to all my female friends who can’t stop running into these ridiculous liars. One friend told me that she was on a dating site and this French, divorced man contacted her. He looked good in his pictures so she agreed to meet him.

When they got together, he had less hair, and more around the middle. My friend being the sweetheart that she is, gives him a chance anyway.

They get to talking and he admits he’s not French. He’s Moroccan. Moroccan? Mo-roccan the lies. Am I right? Sorry for the terrible joke. (I’m not sorry.)

So he’s Moroccan but he at least speaks French…right? Wrong. Just kidding, Il parle français. So at least he had that going for him. Why say he was French you ask? He said he was French because he didn’t want women to know he was Muslim.

Well that’s not so bad, she understands that some guys lie because they’re afraid of rejection and women lie all the time, so why not continue to talk to him…except he says “you know how I said I was divorced…” and she thinks “you’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Well my wife and I are divorced, but not legally, you see as a Muslim I just have to say ‘I divorce you’ three times and we’re divorced! Nice deal, right? But we still live together and share a bed!”

Check please. My stories are a bit different but sometimes as humorous…(if you can’t laugh, you can’t survive the dating world.) The first date I went on after I got divorced the woman said she was 5’7 but she was more like 5’9. She towered over me. Why lie about your height? Maybe she was hoping to cast a wider net but I had never expected a woman to lie about her height to me. She was the first of three women to lie about their height. The second lied by about three inches (and about 100 pounds, but I digress) and the third lied by two inches. What is that all about? It seems like the least likely thing to lie about. I expect men to lie to make themselves look more appeal-able. But why say you’re shorter than you are? Because you think men want a petite girl?

The second lie to me was a woman who lied about children. Really? Lying about no children? That one truly baffled me. It turned out she didn’t have biological children but had basically adopted her drug-user sister’s daughter to make sure she was raised properly. That part was commendable. Lying wasn’t. You see, nothing starts off a conversation better than “so you know how I said I didn’t have children yet?”

I’ve had women lie about their weight, their jobs, their marital status, etc.  The only common lie was this one: “I’m over my ex” but I should have realized that based on the fact that everyday something came up with her about him.

That’s the most important lie to ignore in the future. Don’t pay attention to the lie, pay attention to what else is said and how she acts. She might not even realize she’s lying.

Which weird lies have you experienced?


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2 Responses to The weirdest things women have lied about

  1. Suzy says:

    I think both tall women and short men lie about their height. I feel bad for people who don’t lie about their height, because at this point I almost assume 5’11” means 5’9.5” .. because that’s what happens every time! Women assume that men want someone smaller than them. Men assume women want someone taller than them. Other than height.. I’ve not encountered any more lying… that I know of. I think a lot of women will lie about their weight if asked. I also think it’s rude to ask.. is there a dating site that actually has you divulge your weight?? I think the question of being over your ex is tough. A lot of people want to be or are hoping they are over their ex but may not realize they aren’t until they try to move on and can’t. I think professions are another area where people try to be vague on a dating site if they aren’t proud of what they do. I’ve seen “Professional” as a response to the question of profession. I still don’t know what that means and haven’t bothered to talk to anyone who lists their profession as “professional”. And so ends my novel-length comment!

  2. I honestly can’t recall a time a date outright lied to me. Heightwise, I’m 5’10 (not 5’8, actually 5’10), so if a gal has 5’5 on her profile and she’s actually 5’7 I’m probably not going to notice.

    I would say a few have stretched the truth about their weight (I would never ask for a number, but some have said they’re average and turn out to be slightly above average), but nothing grossly inaccurate.

    I will admit that pictures are more often than not misleading. Rarely does a date look as good in real life as she does in her pictures.

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