The weirdest things women have been honest about

You’ve been on the journey with me through so many of these colorful characters/train wrecks I’ve called dates. But what about some of the women that I never did meet up with?

Some I messaged just because I liked poking the bad news bear. Others? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

    Beer me, Danno

Take one woman, a young African American single mother on PlentyOfFish (I spent maybe a week on this site, a week too long except for the stories I got from the experience), she stated a need for a man to provide for her and her child and to “not waste her time” but also made sure to know that the man wasn’t going to be getting some for a long time.

Thanks for inviting me to pay for the barn after the horse has gone free, now shall I close the doors? I guess you want me to take care of some other man’s kid? Eh, she’s entitled to be gun-shy, and I get that. But keep your desire to have me pay for the cow and get 0 milk to yourself. It’s in your best interests.

Maybe I should throw in some more pithy responses. Suffice to say I didn’t message her.

    Okcupid questions:

Have to laugh through the responses on the okcupid website. For those who don’t know how okcupid works you are matched based on the compatibility of your answers. Now while we all expect a certain amount of lying, I don’t expect telling the truth on something bad before we’ve met.

Oral sex? One woman said, DISGUSTING. Now I wonder what the point of answering the question is for her? Maybe she hates doing it, but isn’t that something a little personal to scare the guy off with so soon? Our society is more sexual now and I think in America the number of women are age unwilling to do it puts them in the minority. It’s an even smaller amount who actually considers the act gross. I don’t expect it to be enjoyable for everyone but an eww gross response comes across like I’ve got cooties and so does my penis.

Another said, “cutting during sex?” AWESOME. Aren’t these things we need to build toward before meeting up in person?

Is this too much too soon all over again?

Crazy Magnet

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One Response to The weirdest things women have been honest about

  1. Suzy says:

    I absolutely agree that there are a lot of ridiculous profiles out there! I’ve seen a few on eH for sure. Maybe the girl who doesn’t like oral sex is trying to make sure that anyone who feels it is necessary won’t bother talking to her? In some cases I think honesty is a good thing and if she really hates it, maybe she is tired of having to find out later that that is a deal breaker for the guy? Just a thought. Obviously she knows she will be cutting down her pool… to possibly nobody.

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