How about we…

I decided at the insistence of @Melysa_S on Twitter that I would join, a new dating site where people decide to throw out a date idea and have people respond in kind. It gets the whole talking thing out of the way (usually where a guy or girl can bungle things before people meet up for a date) and gets right to the date.

And let’s be honest, if a potential first date candidate can’t come up with one half decent date idea, what can you imagine your life together will be like? You planning her/his entire social life? That gets boring after awhile, trust me-I’ve done it before.

I love a woman who has good ideas for dates: she’ll have good ideas once you’re in a relationship too.

When one woman posts: “How about we… Go out with a nice, smart and funny guy! Eat dinner and wine, have a good time” , well I get a little sad when I see the bar lowered to the point where you can’t do the limbo under it. I can’t even feign excitement for this woman. And if you know me, if there was one thing I am magical at(besides falling asleep), it’s feigning excitement.

I don’t want to go out with a nice, smart, funny guy, and I’m confused…is this a three-way date? Are we picking up the third wheel? Also how does one eat wine?

I think the greatest flaw with HowAboutWe, is the site is limited by the number of people who can respond to you, and you can’t read messages unless you’re a paid member. So the majority of messages could easily be the equivalent of well to pardon the phrase, “messages in a bottle.” The person will get notification that you had messaged them, but no ability to read the message. It gives me the feeling that there will be a good deal of ships passing in the night. And that’s not what a site should be imparting upon me, impression-wise.

What would I fix with howaboutwe? I think everyone should be able to read their messages from subscribers. You’ve already gotten payment from someone, why limit the value for the people that those people get from their subscription. One thing they do that is better than match is they will give you a list of people who ARE subscribed. But everyone should be listed as a member or a non-member. I don’t want to waste my time.

My one howaboutwe experience? It turned into “how about we” go ice skating, never get a thank you, and spring the fact that you had adult kids at the end of our date.

I’m willing to try again, but the site needs massive improvements for me to pay for it.

What’s your big pet peeve about online dating? A lot of my female friends say it’s about the quality of the ideas the man postulates. Maybe this site helps them.

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