(Girl)Friend Request Denied

Social media is so pervasive these days that sometimes you get questions asked of you that give you a momentary pause.

About a year ago, a girl with beautiful pictures and I began to exchange messages on okcupid. Right from the get-go, her priorities were a little off- one of the first questions I got asked was what kind of car I drove (really.) So she’s a little materialistic, but that’s no big deal, tell me more about yourself.

Things got a little weirder after that, since I wanted to meet up and she wanted to talk on AIM. What, is this 1995? Age? Under 30 Sex? Yes please. Location. Wherever you’ll let it happen.

Fine, let me pull out an old screen name from college, an ode to my one and only college band. (I played lead triangle-we made t-shirts.)

We start chatting on aim, and then she wanted my facebook. Wait. Hold up. My facebook? Why do you need my facebook?

I began to think, what was the big deal with letting a stranger look at my facebook. I’d have been willing to give her my phone number and isn’t that a bigger deal? Couldn’t I simply unfriend her later? But there was this nagging feel in the back of my mind. Facebook, especially for me, has so much of my life. I didn’t want her overwhelmed by getting so much of my life at the very beginning of a potential relationship.

Sometimes you need to build to that level of trust, and information. Otherwise what is the fun? I told her no way, and said I’d have to meet her in person before getting facebook friendly.

Why see every picture of me? Why see my status updates? Why can’t you wait until we’ve actually met?

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2 Responses to (Girl)Friend Request Denied

  1. mary says:

    I think I’d want to meet someone first. Can’t just have a bunch of randoms all up in my shizz.

  2. Carly says:

    Girls are nuts, she probably found you and/or a way to creep through your stuff regardless!

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