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In case you missed Part 1┬áhere it is: Part 1 So I left you with the realization that I needed to reclaim San Diego for myself. I went to our old places to make new memories with them, either alone, … Continue reading

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The Walkabout (Part 1)

In May of 2010, my now ex-wife basically insinuated that she wanted a divorce, while I bullheadedly decided she meant separation, not splitsville. It was me reading between the lines that weren’t actually there. She went home, then told me … Continue reading

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Step by Step, Day by Day

Remember that tv show that tried to rip off the Brady Bunch and put a new spin on it with Suzanne Somers (sadly not doing any Thighmaster vignettes) and that dude from Dallas? This one. The divorced dad of three … Continue reading

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(Girl)Friend Request Denied

Social media is so pervasive these days that sometimes you get questions asked of you that give you a momentary pause. About a year ago, a girl with beautiful pictures and I began to exchange messages on okcupid. Right from … Continue reading

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Where To Go When You’re Lost: From Someone Currently Found.

With apologies, I give you this song to listen to while reading a significantly less brilliant post about my dating life or rather, how it came to be a healthy one. When I first split with my ex-wife, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Communication Breakdown

This is a short entry but I wanted to put something out there for all of you loyal fans-all four of you. So the story goes about a month ago I tried something different and asked out a girl through … Continue reading

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Open letter to my ex:

As I write this, now 14 months…two weeks since we last saw each other (yes I am counting) I still have tears welling in my eyes. You came back after a two month separation to get your things and to … Continue reading

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